Housing assistance will be reformed through two bills that will replace the current law, which is over 40 years old. The first bill will establish a clear, transparent, and fair framework for funding affordable housing and supporting its residents. The second bill aims to expand and simplify individual housing benefits for both rental and private market property ownership. 
My job was to derive and create a visual world of graphics from an existing brand guide, which should work for both animation and infographics. They serve to explain and inform people about the Logement Abordable project, which is Affordable Housing in Luxembourg. And to answer following questions like: 
What exactly are public affordable housing units? What services are involved in constructing and maintaining this living space, and who is eligible to rent or buy this property?
First Project
Full Animation 
I was assigned to create a social media brand guide by taking the visual style and elements and adapting them into a format suitable for different social media platforms. It was important to establish a clear visual distinction between 'Locataire, Professionnels et Communes" and "Propriétaire.'
Additionally, creating a coherent visual communication approach for various content types such as informative graphics, statements, and events was a key objective.
This project was created during my work at neon internet.
Credits: Neon internet team, Havé films, Moast Studio

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